Follow your Sensation… a Microsoft story

follow your sensations

..:: Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning ::..

We are in 1981

In July 1980, Bill Gates was contacted by IBM to create an operating system for the incoming IBM PC and overcome the stalemate with Digital Research for a porting of its CP/M. The future king of software promises to quickly present a demo of its Disk Operating System and license it at an attractive price.

But the central point of the agreement is another: Microsoft will also sell the DOS to other computer manufacturers. IBM agree because it considers the software "an accessory", failing even to imagine a business model based exclusively on it.

The MS-DOS is born ... and this is the first step into creation the biggest and the most important companies of all time.

follow your sensation in action 

This Business Game is inspired by the facts described above, and will develop the Inception phase of a new initiative, touching on themes and tools that will allow us to gain an overview of the same, creating a shared and comprehensible business model.

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